8 Tools for make sewing pattern

SInce I study for fashion design for a while, make more than houndred of patterns, those tools are most I use when I design a new pattern, of couse have lof more professional tools for pattern, but if you just beginner, this will be good for start it!

1. Pattern paper

I actually like seperate each peice pattern paper in Taiwan, not like in the roll, but I can't find it in US, so this will be recommend, but if you making like baby clothes, I will use like packing paper, you can get it at Walmart.

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2. Pencil

I like it really sharp kind, so I can make really sharp line and point, becuase sometime 0.3cm will make different.

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3. Eraser

For when you make a mustake, so you can fix it.

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4. Pattern ruler

I have normal ruler for straight line, then by shoulder have other curve ruler, but can't find it here, so I just get it from amazon the most close one. And turn out not that bad to use.

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5. Regular ruler

I have it most the time when I make pattern, and I used to cm than inch.

6. Soft measure tape

For some curve part, make it more easy to measure.

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7. Magic tape

I find ou this is really useful when have some folding design, so fold them together to fix the cutting line.

照片 5






8. Woman standard pattern

If you like to design woman shirt or dress, this pattern will help you save lot of time, because you don't need to waste buch of time start sketch agin,  I use this all the time when I design new shirt.

woman standard-01









9. Mannequin

If you do it more like draping desin or even basic designm you want to check out how it look like, but you not going to put on yourself all the time, and stand in front of mirrow to check out, it's much harder to fix by that way, and you can pin fabric on your body, so this one really help our a lot!

They have different size of it, I normally use 6 – 8 size, because that my size, and that's my design usually are, so figure out which one you nedd and want.

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(Affilate link of mannequin)