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10 way to print your design on fabirc

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I like to draw a lot, and would be really amazing can put your drawing on the bag or T-shirt to wear around with your friends, show your art work right?

Here's I'm going you show some tips I'm usually do on the fabric, you can try to find which one is best for you.

I love texture and print, so I would try any kind print to fit for my work, all I show you here, I have done lot of time before, so I really sure would work, just got to choose which one work for you the best!

1. Fabric pen

Super easy to draw on, specially on canvas and smooth texture fabric.

The bad side is you need to do each time if want to create some thing new.

Where to get:  Lobby Hobby, Michael's, Amazon

Price: $7 ~ 12 more depend.

Here's picture of tools I use and work I make.


2. Crayon

You thought that little kid stuff huh? Actually they can work on fabric quite well too, choose oil base kinds crayon, and paint it on fabric, when you done. Get a thing cotton fabric put on surface and iron about 3~6 minutes.

Where to get: Kroger, Target, Wallmart and any craft store.

Price: Around 4~10 USD / depend on how many color and what brand you get.

I draw some paint on Fabric when I was kid before, and I don't usually do that any more, but it's fun for kid.

3.Stamp / printing block

If you like to make a stamp, it's great skill and they can easily put on paper or fabric too, and most important things is they can reprint a lot of time on till your stamp is broken.(Which is not happen so often)

Where to get: Craft store

Price: around 4.99 for big piece of stamp/ not include ink pad.

4.Acrylic paint

You pretty mush can get it everywhere, wallmart, target and some craft store for sure, and it's cheap too, I will recommend fabric kind of acrylic, it's more easy easier painting on than normal paint to me.

Where to get: Wallmart, Target and craft store.

Price: Around $1+ more per color / some color set it's cheaper.


5.Tie dye

It's fun and easy to do, usually would pretty surprise when you finish.

Where to get: Wallmart, craft store , Amazon

Price: around 20~40 per kit

6.Heat transfer 

It can be a picture of you family, pets or your drwaing, anything you can print it out from the printer, you can put it on fabric easily. Remember they have kind for light color (white, pink, yellow..) use and dark color(blue, black, brown) use, make sure you get the right one, if you not sure get 1 for each, you might can use for other design you want.

Where to get: Craft store or Amazon

Price: $8~10 dollars per pack / usually have 5~10 paper inside


You can add water with it to draw on fabric, I would recommend 1:1 (water: bleach) or 2:1 (water:bleach), you need to be really careful with it, it will be better wear a glove when you mix and drawing, and DO NOT get in your face and eyes.

Where to get: Grocery store

Price: Really cheap


It's usually they make design already, cut it for you 2. but you can get simple kind of design like small flower, leafs, star, circle etc… kind of design and organzine of your own patten.

Put stencil on top of fabric use sponge dip in some acrylic and paint on top then remove it, wait them dry.

Where to get: Craft store, Amazon

Price: Depend on brand and design you get.

9. Thumb print

Sound weird? Actually this way can make artist looking project, only need is fabric ink pad and your thumb. If you not sure how to start, can draw a sketch on fabric and start use you finger to cover you design, believe me it's funner than you thought. Try it!

Where to get: Ink pad – craft store, amazon or wallmart

Price: $6 ~11 dollars / depend on brand and what size.

10.Screen print

It's more complicated than the others we just show you, but it can be easy and more artist looking if you use screen print. I'm usually use more difficult design on this one, it take more time to do it, but if you want print some special design a lot more time, this one is best way to do it, and will show beautifully on the fabric.

Where to get:  Amazon, silkscreeningsupplies

Price: 50~199 to start up


If you have any new idea or questions, please feel free to make a comment below.

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