10 Free app all designer and artist have!

Here's some app to capture your inspiration any time any where you want, also find some inspiration when you need.

All the app I've been use a while and I think work the best for me, so you might like it 2.



Cost: Free

Extra service charge:$6.99+

I like they have different kind of blush and keep deferent notebook in order, can change note book cover…, it take me a little bit practice to used to this app, but I like the way they set up.

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2.Art studio

Cost:Free download

Extra service charge:

Really powerful app to me, but you definitely need a touch pen, work so much better if you have it.

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Cost:Free download

Extra service charge:

I'm a big fan of Wacom, so i find out they have their own app, I just download it and try, work good for me.

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4.Photoshop Express

Cost: Free download!

Extra service charge:: $2.99 ~ $59.99

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For some picture I take, it's really helpful fix some picture to be much better looking one!

5.Tayashui sketch

Cost: Free download

Extra service charge: $1.99 ~ $4.99

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It's kind like the first app, but already have more than 6 different kind of blush, and special pattern, type and shape material include. I think it's better than "Paper"one. go try to find out!



Cost: Free download

Extra service charge: $2.99 ~ $49.99

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I keep a lot of note online, including company, inspirations, artist, report….lot of information, they just can make it really organize, beside that Evernote is really powerful app, you can learn lot of tips by online user!


Cost: Free download

Capture beautiful seen around you.

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Can't help myself to keep taking picture of my pet, nature, store….just not me, even I take it bad one, Instagram alway can make it look like LOMO or Poladroid camera style I love, which mean I don't need to spend extra money to buy those camera, I can do it on my phone or ipad anytime! Specially is Instagram have lot of good photographer and designer you can follow!


Cost: Free download

Find good art, design and cool ideas around the world.

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Cost: Free download

Extra service charge: $4.99 +

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I search a lot online, sometime article looks good, but you just don't have mood read whole one now, use pocket  to save it, so when you outside waiting someone, bus, movie…., you can just take out your smart phone read it to kill the time!


Cost: Free to download

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It contact to your social account, I have dozen of dozen artist I follow on facebook, and lot of magazine I love, they kind of just put all together, and make me so much easier to read the thing I care and like.

Free feel to leave us any comment of suggestion or ideas here, thanks!