3 mistake I learn from sewing


Couple days I told you story how I start to design and sewing, today I want to share how many mistake I learn from almost 10 years of sewing, if you check this one out, will save you lot of time and money if you just start it, I wish someone told me all this before…..


First : Material

Get to know all the material if you can, most common one are cotton, linen, rayon, polyester, and do you want me to keep going? It’s not as bad like fixing a pipe, if you use wrong tools, make all water in your house, but to know those common materials will help you get your work done more nicely. So you won’t waste more money to get the wrong fabric for your work. I have a post about those common materials, you can start from there.

Start to collect all the fabric you did for the project, make it to a file, will help you get more organize and inspire. Download the fabric collection sheet here.


Second:  Practice

Get to know your sewing machine, start the small project to warm up, because each brand has a little bit different setting, take a time to get used to them. I will start with pillow case, pencil case or tote bag project first, it’s easy and let you get to control of your sewing machine more.

I know how excited when I got my first sewing machine, I just want to make the cool thing to show my parents or friend, end up to be really frustrated for a while, maybe even get up on the one I work on.


Third: Impatient

I don’t know it’s just me or not, when I really excited and looking forward to making something, I usually hoping I can finish that in an hour, I know sounds crazy right? But that me! But in the beginning every step take me forever, so sometimes I make some mistake or miss something I don’t even realize, all I think about its result.

But I start to be more patient when I learn more, because good design, good dress take time, so I will just slow it done. enjoy each process. take me a while to slow it done tho.

Do you have sewing story would you like to share with me? Hit reply here I love to hear what’s story behind your beginning sewing path?


Now I don’t want you to have the same mistake like me, no more waste money and time. Also, I like to invite you to my T-shirt workshop online for FREE, join here, let’s sew fun together.

See you guys there! Have an awesome weekend!