6 Place to buy fabric online

I love to retail store to buy fabric to feel the texture and check out some other new things, but not every time have so much charm. so online will be a great choose for you. But buying thing online always have some problem you need to watch out, like color might be a little different from the screen, and the texture might not what you expect, and need to wait for while.

Here's couple online store you can get fabric, and you can share with us of you list on the comment below.

1. Fabric.com

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They have linen collection I love, and the price I things is pretty good for linen. You also can check on their blog, have pretty good tutorial from some of designer.


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Big franchise store in US, I love their store and have great experience but I haven't buy their things online, but don't forget sign up their email list. so you won't miss some amazing deal!

3. Spoonflower

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You can find lot of texture designer sell their own art work their, so you will really unique design you can't get any where eles. it's not by designer, spoonflower print their design and ship it to the customer, designer will get commision by your purchase, it's good to support the designer you like.

4. Online fabric store

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Over $50 dollars is free shipping, most time I went to bought fabric is over $50 dollars, so you save your gas to get them, also you can get supply from their site, kill two bird in one stone!  :))

5. Britex

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Really profestional looking store, price a little bit hight for me. Here's their introduction:

Experience our Legendary Collection A San Francisco landmark since 1952, Britex is a must-visit for designers, sewers, do-it-yourself-ers and anyone seeking creative inspiration. The four story, family-run store contains fabrics from up-and-coming designers and fashion icons, laces, ribbons, notions and buttons from around the world, plus a knowledgeable and multilingual staff of over 40 employees. With a careful blend of innovation and tradition, Britex offers over 50 years of exceptional service and commitment to quality. Fashion and home decorating fabrics and accessories literally fill Britex Fabrics from floor to ceiling. Wool, silk and imported laces are displayed on the first floor. The second floor offers a variety of cotton, linen, synthetic blends and a comprehensive home decor department. The awe-inspiring third floor is home to buttons, ribbons, trims, sewing tools and all other notions items. Remnants at reduced prices, utility fabrics and athletic wear fabrics top off the store on the fourth floor. Explore each floor to discover the range in variety.

6. Dry good design

This store is so cute by just checking their website, I love their apparel fabric, it's will look so great with Japanese styles pattern, and they do have japanese texture design, it's like a heaven for me!

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