8 Magazine I will recommend to all designer!

I'm a BIG magazine reader, today I want to share some of magazine I like and give me lot of inspiration, so might will help you with your art work!

1. Monocle

Talk about whole world new, affairs, and cuture, I like the most is they have subject to dicuss, one time I about is talking design, they interview lot of designer use traditional  way to express they work, and I love it!

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2. Kinfolk

Beautiful photograph and neat lay out, the style I dream to live with, check on their website to see each issue they make, you are going to love it!

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3. FLow magazine

Introduce lot of artist and designer, and I enjoy to see any designer process they amazing work, which is always inspire me. A lot of graphic design if you interest in.

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4. Where woman create

I'm really love to see working room of designer have, it's the magic place begin all the awesome art, how could you not courious about that?

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5. Where woman create business

And this is one of my favorite also, I will see lot of great designer sucessful story, and you can learn some of the tips they provide to you, then you won't fail in the same problem.

螢幕快照 2014-12-27 1.58.51 PM 螢幕快照 2014-12-27 12.25.05 PM









6. Collective

I saw this magazine becuase their beautiful hand writting cover (or by Ryan Gosling? ha) is quite different then other cover, and I like the hand texture feeling more than computer made. And then I relize they interview some cool brand and designer.










7. IDN

I love the imagine they bought to reader, rich and lot of great graphic work, including packing design and lot more.











8. Computer art

For the graphic designer, in the back they have some tutorial for new skill, and I like to learn new things each time.

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 # All the picture from original pubishment, and you can click the title link to their site. Thank you!