Lesson 4: Take an awesome Picture for yor design.

Lesson 4: Take an awesome Picture

To be honest, If I shop things on Amazon, if they don’t get clear of they picture, they lose me.  Are you feel the same way? But you don’t want to lose any customer. Since online we can touch it, we can actually see it, your picture and description are the main keys let people jump for it to purchase them.

And here’s secret to make the great picture, don’t tell anyone (Just kidding) It’s really easy and simple.

Key one: Lighting

Nature lighting always the best, in Houston weather, I like to shoot it 8 – 10 AM in the morning on Summer outside, after that, getting too hot and too bright to shoot in outside for me, but it’s all depend on your product.

If you shoot inside the house, which is I recommend for a small product (like jewelry, vase,…) go find the brightest room in the house, right next to big window always help, and put a table or you photo shot stand beside it, so we can get all the good light.

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Key Two: angle

Would you believe if I make a 45 angle to take picot of my face, and I took less than 5 pounds? Don’t give me wrong, I don’t mind that 5 pound. (haha) Make you look thin is not the point here. But you want you to design present in the right angle. usually, 45 degree is pretty standard. Try couple different one so you would find what id fit for your product.

Key Three : Make a theme

When you sew a commerce on a TV of the newest car in the year, the celebrate drive inside the car in a highway, show up new sharp design, because of this cool car, all the other driver stares at it! Okay!1 there! that the car company wants, they want you get the car and make you feel the coolest person in the world, and other people are so jealous of you.

I know you not selling the car, but you can use exactly same way too, make your mug looks so artist, so people have it feel so creative and cool!

Or you make your handmade bag looks so fashionable on the model, so your customer can’t wait to have one too.

In the last, I make a small workbook you can download here, got all the tools you need to start with budget or advance. Get you awesome picture online is one of the most important keys to your business!