If you are an artist or designer, have some art work you want to put online to sell it, beside Etsy and what eles can you choose can make it look more professional and fit with your brand? Try Shopify!

Why shopify? Here's I compare with other ecommorce site online,and….

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Good part
1, It's really really easy to use, it's like a blog, don't need have scary code back ground.

2. It's reasonable price, basic plan start $29/ month.

3. Customer service is good and fast.

4. Have lot of extra App support.

5. Shopify team have lot of free source can help you start with your business.

6. Lof of theme and design support, you can even hire desinger from there site to creat your personal brand theme.

7. Have 14 days free trial, and no contract need, you can cancel anytime you want. No risk. Start here!

8. Want some market resource, and want to discuss with other people? You are not alone.

9. Support digital product, and it's easy to use!

10. Unlimited product and unlimited product picture upload.( But have storge limited)

11. They are support online store and retail store also, if you have both then it's perfect solution for you.

12. Mobile device are support it, smart phone, ipad all can use it!

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Bad part

1. You need to get traffic by yourself.(Pretty much all the other site too), but you can join there Twitter account, if they share your twit then can help you out.

2. Some of service (App) is not free, depend on what you get, have different charge.

3. The theme I choose didn't support format all the picture in the same size, so I need to do that, otherwise my store looks messy. (Some theme support it I think)

Try to think more, I will updated here.



Price and Plan 

14 days free trail

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Here's lot of sample store you can check on

No matter what you sell, they will have suitable theme and service for you.

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Want to check what theme they have? 

No risk 14 day free trial start here! You will love it!

No risk 14 day free trial start here! You will love it!

Author: Ruby