Holiday season for sewing nerd!

Holiday season for sewing nerd!

Hi beautiful creator

I'm Ruby from (just in case you forget about me) I know I haven't been publishing as much I should because I was in school, a very intense and lot of fun, that's the reason I haven't be able to make more tutorial this day.  and I apologize that, video and channel will be back very soon.

Your inbox probably full with Black Friday deal right now and thinking about 4 days off for the weekend. oh yes! I can't wait either. 

But I think you would like this…
I went to Bronze & Nobel last weekend, I find so many handmade magazines for the Holiday, each one is like super pack deal, that's why I want to share with you.


Amazon subscription

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More detail here



come with 2 pack of pattern, pretty awesome deal!​



This is for knitting lover, I don't knit, but you might can, then this is great for you!

Maybe that can be some of the project work on for the weekend. Tell me what handmade magazine is your favorite, I will try to find them in TX.

Happy Holiday!