Like a fairy tale, Story of Pái&Péar

When I find Pái&Péar on Etsy store, I love the color and the graphic she made, it's just looks so peaceful and feel like I'm in a story of fairy tale, lot of cute and special animals and people around me. I feel like start a journey with her beautiful design.

How she make it? and what's the story of her brand, that's what we going to show you today!


Q:  Would you share with us how you started to create your art work? 

Ive always been an artist at heart, and was always drawing my favorite comic book characters or cartoon characters since I can remember.

Cartoons was how this all started when I moved to Madrid Spain from my home town Dublin Ireland to study animation.

To only discover I loved more watching cartons rather then making them. But I loved to draw so much I wanted to make a career out if it.

After finishing my animation studies I moved on to illustration where I found my true passion . 

螢幕快照 2014-08-14 1.20.03 PMQ: What's story behind your brand?

Pái&Péar was born a little over a year ago when I wanted to take matters into my own hands and create my own line of illustrated products.

It all began with a collection of three notebooks that were inspired by Dublin City. I opened an Etsy account and began to create my own online shop.

Selling around small boutique shops I decided to do a crafts fair in Madrid, so I needed to start expanding my line and I began to make all sorts of handmade

Paper goods all adorned with my illustrations. With such a positive result in the fair I felt confident enough to start creating a professional line of paper products

And began to search for small local manufactures in Spain and Ireland. Since then I've been expanding my line from paper to textile.

Pái&Péar is still growing with the challenge of turning our everyday products into fun and decorative items for you and your home.

studioQ: Can you share your work place with us?

Work from my mini home studio on a quite off street in the center of Madrid.

Q: What is your working schedule like?  

I am definitely a night bird and can be working at the wee hours of the night ,but as hard as it is I try and a keep day time work schedule. Most of the time ……

Q: Which type of material do you like to use the most and why?

Paper is my number one material . I truly find it fascinating how so many things can be made out of paper and I especially love how we can 

recycle paper or use FSC papers and create something that's not damaging to our environment. This is very important to me and I always use the

Most environmental friendly materials and printing processes I can.

  螢幕快照 2014-08-14 12.02.14 PM螢幕快照 2014-08-14 12.46.59 PMQ: Which piece is your favorite or sells the best?

I have to say my favorite items at the moment are my throw pillow covers.There an easy and economic way of brightening up a home.

I love working with textile and I have awakened a passion for sewing. So much so, that I have begun to sew and create my own clothes! 

Let's see what the future holds for  Pái&Péar and textile …..

madridQ: Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from everything around me, my day to day life in Madrid, my truly missed home town of Dublin,

My passion for all things Japanese and just in general all things cute.

Q: Do you remember when you sold your first item and how you felt?

I remember my first sales on Etsy and I was so excited at the thought of something that I designed and made was going to be shipped

Across the world and enjoyed by someone that was now in someway connected to me by having my product in there house or purse!

Q: What's the hardest part of your design career?

The hardest part is consistency. Being a freelance illustrator or small business owner can be tough. The business side of things can be 

A headache and there can be quite times of the year. But it's all worthed if it's something that you truly love to do.


螢幕快照 2014-08-14 1.20.27 PMQ: Which part of working do you enjoy the most?

For me the best part is illustrating the designs and imagining up new products I can put my stamp on.

Q: What it your next project?

I'm always looking for new products to adorn with my illustrations with and I am working on expanding my home goods line. 

Q: What kind of books do you like to read, and what kind of music do you like? 

Music is a big part of my life ! I used to be in an all girl punk/pop band called Chicks in Dublin when I was a teenager, and we didn't do to bad for ourselves.

Touring around England and recording records in the states. Not bad for a 17 year old, So I love music and listen to all kinds, from one of my favorite bands, yeah yeah yeahs or

One of my all time favorites, Michael Jackson. Regarding books I have to say I'm more of a comic book reader, although I've been pretty out of touch in the comic world in the last few years. The last series I read would have been Scot Pilgrim…..

I now read from time to time more independent comic books or  zines I find in a few of my favorite book or small indie shops around Madrid.

10462516_781646101866659_8025735234719484843_nQ: If you were not a designer, what do you think you would be?

Realistically probably working in a coffee shop………. But apart from drawing I've always loved the idea of being a archaeologist, it seems so fascinating, and you get to wear a cool hat and whip 😉 

Q:.If young people want to follow the same path as you, what would you suggest?

My advise is that if your not truly passionate about it don't do it . It's hard work and doesn't always payoff, you'll get frustrated a lot of times,

And you'll want to give up most of the time but if you truly truly love drawing or creating or design my advise is never give up ! It's going to be hard but it's worth every bit of hardwork you put in.

Cause when you succeed there is no better feeling in the world.



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Thanks for Pái&Péar share with us of her design story with us today, I hope you guys are enjoy, if you like it, share with your friends and let more people know beautiful design around the earth.