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What do you want to learn Next?

I want to thank you guys join me last weekend of making your tote bag online workshop last weekend. I love it! I love to teach and see people successful making their own project. it was a lot of FUN to me! So I would love to do it again! But before that, I want to know what would you like to learn, so  I can create next workshop special for you guys!

Here's google form, it's only 3 question, will take around 2 minutes to finish if you can help me out here. Thank you so much! I see you next time!

PS: Also I love to invite you to my private handmade group, to share what you love or ask any handmade project you have.!

PPS: If you have any question for me, leave in the comment below, I will get back to you A.S.A.P.