Recycle paper turn into beautiful gift wrap


If you buy things online a lot, then you will receive this kind of things often because they can protect the product and it's cheap!

Now we can use that one to make a beautiful gift wrap, won't just throw inside the trash can for waste.

Here we go:

+ Tools:


1. Recycle paper or news paper works 2.

2. Stamp (I make my own, but you can get from store easily)

3. Ink (color you like on the paper)

4. Tape or glue

5. String or some ribbon

+ Start

1. You can use iron machine to make recycle paper more flat, but I don't mind it wrinkle. I think is quite unique by that way, so I miss this one.

9 8


2. Stamp on the paper to whole one.

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3.Start packing when the paper is done.


4. Put on some string or ribbon then we DONE!!   (And it's good for environment 2! )


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