Step By Step How To Start Selling Your Desi (1)

Step By Step How To Start Selling Your Design

You have a deep passion for something like handmade, design, art, craft or else, and you hoping can turn your little hobby into a business, work you love, living the life your dream? Sounds awesome, that's exactly what I want to do too! But HOW?

I have about more than 4 years selling handmade design online, and I want to show you all the tips and mistake I made so you can set up your business easier and faster! If you interested, please sign up my mini 4 days course here!

Step 1: Get your Store/ Brand Imagine ready before you open.

Make sure you have your store Logo, Banner, ready before you start to build you site because all these things will help you get the site up faster and easier. If you don't know how to start one, you could have some budget hire someone professional to help you get this done, like 99design, creativemarket, or you have some designer in your mind you like a lot, go email them ask them can they do Logo design for you.

Small Budget place can check on Fivver or Etsy, not sure the quality will be, but you can compare thousand dollars of the sofa to a $99 one.

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Step 2: Get Awesome Product Picture

Basic Tips need to remember is Light, angle, and atmosphere. 

Light: Find the room have most nature light and take a picture there or outside, the best nature light time to take a picture is 8 AM – 10 AM, then 2 PM- 5 PM for me, you should find your best timing by your location.

Angle: I like 45-degree angle for most of the design, that pretty basic one, you should try a couple more to find it.

Atmosphere:  Create a great set up for your product to let the customer know more how it work and how they feel when they get it. It's like you would choose a nice restaurant for a date, not a fast food.

Take a lot of practice to get the best picture.


Step 3: Let Customers understand your design / Product description
If you design is something really special, it's better show your potential customer how to use it, or explain a little bit in the picture, because some of the people won't stay long to try to figure out what's that for, so don't let your potential customer have the chance to leave.

The product description is better to include the basic thing, like size, color, the material most basic thing, also if you get a lot of the same question from others, then you can add it in to save you some time.


Step 4: Price Right

I know they said the design is hard to price, it's true, but still need to price for your work to have a chance to make a living.

Easy step one is: Material cost + Time of your work + Store fee(list fee….etc) = Cost x number you want and think is reasonable. x3 is a common number, but I see x5 or more sometimes too, it's all depend on each single situation.

Step 5: Feel Confident To Promot Your Design

You need to feel great and confident enough introduce your design to others, otherwise why people take a time to check on your work? You will feel uncomfortable in the beginning, it's normal and okay! you will get used to it and getting better, as soon you feel confident of your work, it actually helps you sell more.

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Step 6: Set your store up

You got the design, logo, brand and all the now it's time to build your store and get people to your door, you have couple choose you can find here.

Etsy: No monthly fee, besides $0,20 cent for listing fee for 4 months if you don't sell, if you sold you an item, they will charge the percentage fee. Recommend starter or few product listing designer.

Shopify (affiliate link): After using Etsy for a while I choose to use Shopify because it's super easy to use, your don't need to know all the techy stuff and really cheap (about $29 dollar / month, transaction fee extra) and you can custom pretty much anything you want, you also can get an app to create a facebook shop in your fans page, awesome right? That's why I love it! You can start your 14 days risk-free trial here!

And here's couple popular option you can check on, but I haven't tried them out yet.

Bigcommerce | Wix |

Step 7: Let everyone know about you.

You got good design or product, now it's time to let everyone know about you, where is your customer? where is your marketing? You probably already know that before your do all your design, all depends on your experience of the job, you can start using Facebook AD, google AD, Pinterest, or twitter to let people know hey! my work it ready to sell! Don't just wait for people come. go find some people, ask your friend and family help you share some message on the social media, that would help too. Just don't sit there wait around for people to come, the internet has lot the of the competitor, so get all your gear ready to rock!

And if you like to learn more how to sell your design, you can get our mini course for FREE here, sign up here now before all the seat out!
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