[Sew Fun Course Day 3] Get comfortable with sewing machine

With the new machine, always take the time to get adjust, just like meet new friends!
So what should we do to get warm up? Let's get start it.

Step 1 : Threading for the machine – Upper threading

Super easy.just follow the direction on the machine, they have the number you can tell. The hard part here is the new design for auto threading needle that part, for people don't have good eyes like me is plus. I made a short video for you to see.

IMG_1888 IMG_1889

Sorry, my table is moving around because the machine.

Step 2 —  Lower threading


Please follow this picture or video direction. thanks!

You also can download Brother XL2600 Manual online here.

Let's start practice to sew!

Here's tool we need:
1. One piece of paper (Letter size or A4 doesn't matter)
2. One yard gray cloth or some fabric you don't need (You can get from Walmart, hobby lobby) is the cheapest fabric, which is for people practice or dye.
3. Fabric scissors
4. Pen

How To:
1. Pin the paper on top of the fabric and cut them in the same size, I would recommend at least 5 pieces for getting ready.
2. You can download this pattern to draw on top of the fabric, then use the pattern to practice on the sewing machine.
3. To get used to all the curve and start and reverse.