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Happy 100 day—26 learn NEW things

Happy 100 day—26 learn NEW things Learn some thing like instrument, painting, knitting or something you want for a long time! Learn new things is hard, and challenge, but fun (when you get it. 🙂 When you really focus on something then you forgot all your worries. Then one day you find out that is […]


HAPPY 100 DAY—17 Make food for people you love

▲ HAPPY 100 DAY—17 Make food for people you love ▲ Make some food for people you love, It doesn't matter you know how to cook or not, you can just start like easy meal first, like salad, spaghetti or fried rice. Go buy ingredients by your own and make it like a surprise to you love. No matter […]


Happy 100 day —15 Relax

Happy 100 day —15 Relax We've been working pretty much all time, not just work only, including family and friends. We use computer, ipad, and smart phone all the time like drug to us. And then we have eyes pain, shoulder sour and a lot of other problem. Don't forgot you are not a robot, […]

Happy 100 day —14 Create new you!

Happy 100 day —14 Create new you! Put the past behind, give yourself 15 minutes per day, talk you your own mind. If you have bad day, it's already happen, let create a bright future tomorrow! ——- Happy 100 day —14 創造新的自己 感謝辛苦一天的自己 給與自己15分鐘,閉上眼睛,與自己對話,放鬆身心, 不管今天的好與壞,我們就留在今天, 期待美好的明天, 每一天都是嶄新的開始, 明天也是一個創新的你!